• Various Emails
    Various Email Excerpts

    “My family and friends are in love with the photographs. We’re sharing ‘the good news’ on how great you are”

    “I want to say THANK YOU so MUCH for the wonderful photos. You truly did an amazing job. You worked so hard the day of and the photos are proof of the great day and your fabulous skills. I am so very glad we found you to take our photos”

    “Oh my goodness! The pictures are absolutely amazing! So many ones I love! I have no words – you are so good!”

    “Hero status confirmed. Thank you so much”

    “The pictures are so good that I actually cried”

    “Wow! I am blown away by how beautiful these pics are. Such unique and amazing shots!”

    “These are truly some of the most creative and artistic shots I have ever seen”

    “Fantastic photography. Your images are as imaginative as they are stunning!”

  • SamGideon_w_0996
    Samantha & Gideon

    Working with Daniel as our engagement and wedding photographer was an absolute pleasure, from the first email we sent him to the moment we opened our gorgeous wedding album. He was professional and helpful at every step of planning our wedding photography and coordinating our shoots. Plus he is a blast to hang out with!  We realized quickly after the first few hours of our engagement session that having someone who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed is essential, and Daniel is exactly that! His ability to make us smile and laugh, but look natural came through in all of our pictures.

    Daniel’s skill as a photographer speaks for itself — his photographs are artistic, authentic, imaginative, and reflect true emotion.  We were thrilled by our engagement photos and blown away by our wedding photos — they perfectly capture the day as we remember it, and he even caught some details and moments that we weren’t able to see ourselves.

  • VioStu_1593
    Violetta & Stuart

    Besides my choice of groom, the best wedding decision we made was having Daniel Usenko as a photographer. Besides being incredibly professional and reliable during the wedding and through out the wedding planning process, Daniel made sure to really understand what we wanted in our wedding photos.

    We really wanted our photographer to capture the feel, the atmosphere and the moment of our wedding day. It has been nearly four years since our wedding, but every time I look at our wedding photos everything is fresh in my mind. Daniel was able to capture many honest and spontaneous moments in way that when I look at these photos its not just the details that come back but the feel of that moment in time.

    However, I would be remiss not to add, that its not just the fact that Daniel captured our moment so perfectly, he did it very beautifully as well. I think every bride wants to look her best in her wedding photos and Daniel has the ability to capture incredibly beautiful images with consistency. I definitely felt very beautiful in my wedding photos. Every time we have guests over we always get many compliments on how beautiful our wedding was when they look at our wedding photos and every time we tell them that we had an incredible photographer.

  • AraAndrew_458
    Ara & Andrew

    We looked far and wide for a photographer that would be able to handle the difficult environment of our wedding.  Our wedding had everything from bright changing sunshine to a darkly lit barn and we needed a professional photographer who could be artistic in all environments.  He knocked it out of the park.  Daniel was not only courteous, friendly, and artistic, but he was an absolute professional.  My wife and I were able to just enjoy the wedding and he took charge of non-intrusively capturing the moments.  The photos are stunning.  From posed portraits, intimate moments, or candid shots, they all are perfectly timed and composed, and the pictures capture the feel and vibe of the wedding.  Finally, his service was unbelievable from the first meeting, through the wedding day, and to timely delivery of the photos.  I would recommend him to anyone.

  • JessicaDavid_686
    Jessica & David

    We were so fortunate to work with Daniel for our wedding photography! We chose Daniel because we loved his work, and his photos of our wedding truly capture all of the joy and happiness we experienced that day. Our friends and family couldn’t be more thrilled with his hard work. Not only did the photos turn out beautifully, but Daniel was a pleasure to work with from our very first meeting. He brought a great energy to our wedding day too–he was relaxed, attentive, and helped reassure us when a few raindrops threatened to move the wedding indoors!

  • tushani-trevor_1183
    Tushani & Trevor

    The first thing my wife and I agreed on for our wedding was the importance of the photography. We knew that the memories and feelings would last, but they would eventually be attached to the images in the albums we would page through on our anniversaries. So we took our time, and when we eventually found Daniel we knew it was right.  Daniel was an incredible combination of artist, professional, and personality.  And his images were stunning.

    Several years later we know we made the right choice. We page through our album often, reliving just as we’d hoped we would. The images captured our friends and family in their best element on the best day of our lives.  His shots are artistic but not overdone. They are perfect.

    We have stayed in touch with Daniel since our wedding in 2010. He has helped our nascent interest in photography by recommending camera lenses and photography software. We have recommended Daniel broadly and it has been our good fortune to have Daniel document both of our sisters weddings – on Whidbey Island and Brooklyn- and that of our closest friends in San Francisco. Each time is more special.

    All told, the photos of Daniel Usenko have become the stuff of some of our greatest memories. And we couldn’t be happier.

  • BrandieGrant.0974
    Brandie & Grant

    I found Daniel’s blog years before my now husband was even a thought. I was throwing a dinner party and the subject of great photographers was brought up. My friend then immediately insisted I see Daniel Usenko’s blog. It was breathtaking! I remember making a mental note (He will be my wedding photographer) Years later, during our engagement I contacted Daniel and gushed over his work. He is not only professional but such a pleasure to work with! He did far more than expected. His work ethic is unlike any of the other relationships I had built in creating our special day. I always tell everyone, “Daniel Usenko was my best investment.” I will have these pictures for a lifetime and when my memories fail me I look back at the beauty Daniel created through his lens and am forever grateful for his art.