Nadia & Paul


  1. Max Lopatin -

    awesome colors Daniel… (as always)

  2. Jerry Ghionis -

    Great photographs Daniel! And it was nice chatting to you the other day.

  3. Sasha -

    Dude! Nicely done! Especially love the last photo!

  4. Ross -

    Awesome job, bro!

  5. Mikhail Glabets -

    Radness!!! These photos bet You+We any day! Awesome!

  6. Bogdan Natkha -

    Holy cow bro!!! These are so beautiful!!!

  7. ross -

    As always some very hot photographs, and amazing colors as always! Bride is stunning 🙂

  8. Yana K -

    beautiful bride, awesome dress, sweet lookin cake, and pretty cool tattoo shot. I like!

  9. Eleanor Petry -

    Great pictures! You did a wonderful job at capturing the bride’s ‘natural’ smiles. They look really good. I love the one of the standing in the ally. The red in his collar pops!

  10. K. -

    ur lighting is amazing!!!!!

    tutorials to come?

  11. oksana_v -

    really good job…love the colors.