Meet Daniel Usenko

I was born and raised in the Republic of Abkhazia, a small country on the coast of the Black Sea. When I was seven, a civil war broke out. Although fortunate to have survived the long conflict, my family was utterly poor – we lost everything. We fled to Russia the same week the war ended. I still remember the small fishing boat we left on, and that awful storm that almost sunk our vessel. After another three years of poverty, we moved to the States – the land of plenty.

The tough childhood has taught me to be thankful for all that I have; and to be honest – I’ve been blessed with so many wonderful things. One such blessing is my job – I absolutely LOVE what I do.
There are so many aspects of being a photographer that I enjoy – being able to express myself artistically, working with amazing couples, attending gorgeous weddings, teaching others my skill, and most importantly – making people happy by capturing beautiful images of them. I love being a photographer.

There’s one word that describes my approach to images – “Beauty”. I believe that people are beautiful and my whole job is about understanding, finding, observing & capturing the beauty of every one of my clients. In fact, the first lesson at all my photography workshops is called “Philosophy of Beauty”.

I currently live in Seattle, WA.

-Daniel Usenko